Machine Made Etched Singing Bowl 12cm Price : £48.00
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Bronze Etched Singing Bowl 12cm

A beautiful machine made Bronze singing bowl covered in etched designs and motifs. These Bronze made bowls are superior in quality to many of the similar looking brass bowls. 

These etched Singing Bowls have been made in Nepal using the ancient, time-consuming method called the “Itching Process” which is similar to the acid etching process.

The Singing Bowl comes with a leather covered wooden striker / puja stick for playing the bowl and a nice ornate Singing Bowl cushion (design and colour may vary).

Each of these Singing Bowls has a different combination of designs and may differ from the photo. The Singing Bowl measures around 12cm x 6cm

For more information about our Singing Bowls and the seven Chakras click on the link below -

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