Master Quality Brocading on our Pink Lotus Thangkas

At Pink Lotus Thangka we make every effort to ensure our brocades are made to the finest quality to suit different budgets. All our brocades are made by a Master Thangka Tailor with 20 yearsí experience of creating Thangka brocades of the very highest order. He creates each brocade in the time-honoured tradition with meticulous attention to detail and to the exact measurements used by the different traditions throughout the centuries. An endorsement to the quality of our Thangka brocades is that they are used by Andy Weber and we provide brocades for many of Andy Webers students.

  Our brocades are generally made from standard silk Khadi which are a more affordable option but but still have a very nice finish. Blue brocade with cream and red borders are the most common combinations though there are many different colours to choose from in this design. the cover and the ribbons are made from the same type of thinner silk material but the cover is most commonly yellow and the ribbons are always red. 
You can find our Thangka material under Thangka accessories on our Pink lotus website or ... click here >>
Our brocades are created to specific measurements. These equate to 8, 4, 2 and 1 as shown above. Usually this would mean the height of the painting to be 16 hence the distance from the lower border to the bottom dowel is half the height of the painting.
We also brocade with Varanasi silk Kahdi. This material is of a very high quality and is heavy material. This material doesnt crease like the regular silks but it is a more expensive option. The Varanasi silks come in a variety of different styles.
  On the left are our regular caps. A nice engraved cap which come in brass or silver colour. We also have more ornate caps in a variety of designs (see above right). There are some very beautiful Thangka caps which go very well with the Varanasi silks. They vary in size and design depending upon the size of your Thangka. You can find our caps under Thangka accessories on our Pink lotus website or ... click here >>  
  We are often asked if we have a Thangka Brocading service. There is no easy answer to this. We donít brocade here in the UK as all our brocades are made in Nepal. Many of Andy weber Students have the ability to sew in a Thangka and we provide the ready-made brocade to their size specifications. We do sell Thangka brocade silks for the really experienced / adventurous to make their own Thangka. If you have a Thangka and you want it brocading then the only option we have is to send the painting to Nepal. This can be a little expensive as it involves couriering the Thangka to and from Nepal. We have the facility to take a painting with us to Nepal on our frequent trips there although it is quite likely this would have to be couriered from Nepal to your home address. Whatever your need let us ow and we will see what we can do to help.  
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